SC 1200

Huntleigh Smartsigns
12.1” Patient Monitor

Made in UK

Flexible measurements for flexible settings
Providing caregivers with an adaptable flexible platform, the base set of measurements include:
3/5 lead ECG, respiration, pulse oximetry, non-invasive blood pressure, automatic arrhythmia detection with ST segment measurement and a temperature all available through the base configuration. Other support tools include automatic event storage and retrieval as well as full disclosure of the patients vital signs.

Each of the flexible monitoring options delivers features aimed at simplifying departmental workflow and efficiency, so, whether you are monitoring adult, paediatric or new-born patients, you can be assured that you are delivering the highest level of care possible for each of your patients.

Each compact monitor combines a very simple, easy to use operating interface with a wide range of clinical options all of which can be tailored to suit the demands of your immediate environment.

The flexible screen layout is central to your decision making process, with its integrated touch screen control and smart key functionality, the layout has been developed for fast intuitive operation which means that you allocate more time addressing the needs of your patients rather than referring to operating manuals and tutorials searching for the necessary guidance.